Modern and Contemporary Furniture for Small Spaces

Modern and Contemporary Furniture for Small Spaces

Posted by Taylor Duane on May 2nd 2018

Small spaces can sometimes feel like a big design challenge, but they don’t have to be! The key is choosing your furniture wisely to maximize your space, avoid clutter, and keep things simple. If you’ve found yourself in tight quarters or you’re thinking about downsizing, we’re here to help on the furniture front.

The Ardusin Hobby Bench does what all small space furniture should do—multitasks. This modern bench doubles as extra seating and extra storage to maximize your space. Similarly, the Linford Round Storage Ottoman is perfect for adding some bonus storage to your living space.

    Ardusin Hobby Bench               Linford Round Storage Ottoman

Speaking of multitasking, the Recast Sleeper Sofa is a modern trifecta of style, function, and versatility. With this mid-century modern sofa, you can easily transform your living room or office into a guestroom without making anyone feel cramped. Another practical sofa option is something sleek and small like the Nicklaus Loveseat. Loveseats are a great solution for small spaces because they provide stylish seating without taking up too much room.

Recast Sleeper Sofa        Nicklaus Loveseat

When furnishing small spaces, you should never turn away an opportunity to fit in some extra drawers and cubbies. The Obra Coffee Table simplifies your living room with its modern style, and it provides convenient storage with its drawer and cubby space (it would also look stunning paired with that Nicklaus Loveseat!).

                                           Obra Coffee Table

While a minimalistic approach to small spaces is a smart one, even small spaces have room for books and knickknacks. The Redemption Shelf—available in small and  large sizes—makes the most of your wall space by offering tons of shelving to store and display your treasures.

              Redemption Shelf Small Redemption Shelf Large

A tried but true trick for small spaces is adding a mirror to create the illusion of a larger space. If your walls are looking a little bare, consider some contemporary choices like the Voxel Mirror or the Haven Mirror.

        Voxel Mirror             Haven Mirror

While you might not have room for a formal dining area, there are many creative options for small space dining. Tables with a round shape like the Manuela Round Dining Table are a seamless small space solution. For dining space seating, a chair like the Baldwin Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair keeps things simple.

         Baldwin Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs         Manuela Round Dining Table

With the help of some smart furniture choices from South First Home, you can create a functional small space that doesn’t skimp on style.