5 Fun Ways to Create Depth with Modern Furniture Design

5 Fun Ways to Create Depth with Modern Furniture Design

Posted by Natalie Langham on Mar 26th 2018

1) Introduce a Pop of Color

Don’t be afraid to bring a bright and saturated color into your space. A colorful item can guide your gaze through the composition of a room and have an energizing effect on your mood. We recommend blues, greens, and reds, which tend to appear cohesive, despite drawing a lot of attention. The following chairs are beautiful examples of this principle:

Barnaby Chair (Robin Egg Blue) OR the Madison Mid-Century Modern Velvet Accent Chair (Light Green)

Barnaby Chair

Madison Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair

2) Incorporate a Creative Texture

One of our favorite ways to create visual interest is by collaging with textural pieces. Bring in a few small accent items with unique and interactive textures to make your home more enchanting and entertaining. Fur, velvet, plants, and sculptural structures are all super enjoyable ways to foster a bit of fun in your environment. This exciting pouf is a great option:

Goat Fur Pouf (Black)

Goat Fur Pouf

3) Initiate Personality with Pattern

Picking fantastic patterns is a perfect way to add personality to your home so that your presentation doesn’t fall flat. You can rely on bold and iconic wall décor or high-contrast and contemporary area rugs to pull your living space together. Creating this fun focal point enriches your aesthetic 1,000%! We recommend checking out geometrically inspired pieces like this charismatic decorative item:

Isometric Wall Decor

Isometric Wall Decor

4) Invite Varying Heights

One of the best ways to make a space more visually balanced and engaging is to vary the height your design elements. Choose furniture pieces that are tall AND short. Bring in multi-leveled shelving to display decorative items of varying size and shape. This technique brings awareness to space and form, which provides your design with a stronger presence. Check out this extra low coffee table and this beautiful storage solution:

Coppermine Coffee Table (Reclaimed Woods)Redemption Shelf (Solid Walnut)

Coppermine Coffee Table  Redemption Shelf Solid Walnut Small


5) Inspire with a Hint of Sparkle

Who doesn’t like shiny objects? When your favorite area lacks a bit of luster, adding a shiny object is your go-to quick fix. Often, reflective surfaces can create the illusion of broadening your space and increase the quality of light within a room. We recommend hanging large mirrors or placing shiny metallic furniture in areas of your home that are a bit smaller or dimmer than you wish they were. Check out this gorgeous looking glass:

Radeau Wall Mirror (Gold)

Radeau Wall Mirror Gold