Ten Affordable Home Decor Pieces to Spruce Up Your Space in 2017

Ten Affordable Home Decor Pieces to Spruce Up Your Space in 2017

Posted by Amanda B. on Jan 2nd 2017

As the New Year approaches, you’re probably thinking through all of your 2017 resolutions. Among the classics of hitting the gym more often, adding more money to your savings, you’re probably looking around your home thinking how can I refresh the decor in my space without breaking the bank? It’s absolutely possible to find great quality and inexpensive home decor! Check out this list of our ten favorite decor pieces for under $100.

Looking for a stunning conversation piece? Sculptures can be purely decorative but discussion evoking pieces that will bring any event or dinner party to life! We have a few pieces that are impeccable options for integrating a pop of unexpected but welcome decor.

Let us start by suggesting the mesmerizing Tangled Rectangle Sculpture. This piece sports an interlocking pattern of rectangle shapes in a frosted gold hue. Feature this sculpture in a prominent area of your home like a bookshelf or on top of a console table and you’ll continue to receive compliments on your wonderful eye for detail. The Tangled Rectangle Sculpture is available in Small ($42.56) or Large ($56.00)

Listed above, the Tangled Rectangle Sculptures in Small and Large

Listed above, the Tangled Rectangle Sculptures in Small and Large

The  Nested Cubes Decor brings a contemporary yet mysterious mood to your space. This dark sculpture of intertwined geometric shapes is perched upon a brick of quality black marble. The Nested Cubes sculpture fits in well on side tables or within a modern dining room. Get the sophisticated look of this sculpture for $58.24.

Nested Cubes Sculpture

Pictured far right, the Nested Cubes Sculpture

Sculpture? Lamp? Or Both! The versatile  Remo Table Lamp is a multipurpose piece with an intricate cage design that is capable of shedding light and dimension on your space. Feel free to feature this item on a side table or console table to give it maximum exposure. Bring the Remo Lamp into your design for an affordable price of $82.88!

The Vintage Bedroom Collect - Remo Table Lamp

Pictured far right, the Remo Table Lamp; The Vintage Bedroom Collection

Shapes and textures play a big part in the cohesive design of your space. Mixing these elements in moderation helps to bring your eyes to different areas of the room - there’s always something new to discover! We have a few different items that help you accomplish this in your home.

The Hammered Gold Trays include a set of two textured metal accent trays with a metallic bronze finish. These trays are perfect for showcasing fresh fruits and vegetables in a sophisticated dining room table spread or the pair can be featured alone in a living room setting to add a pop of color. We love seeing these chic trays in a room with rustic decor and distressed wood to provide a beautiful contrast in textures! Get this look in your home for only $73.92.

Hammered Gold Trays Set of 2

Hammered Gold Trays Set of 2

If you’re looking to add a sense of zen and calm earthiness to your space, look no further than the TipTop Vase available in small and large sizes. These gorgeously matte terracotta vases feature a naturally distress two-toned grey and white finish. Show off your bright green leafy shrubs in these vases for a beautiful contrast. TipTop Vase Small $53.76 | Large $82.88

Tiptop Vases

Pictured far right, the Tiptop Vases in Small and Large

The Twisted Vase in Grey adds intricate shapes effortlessly with its sleek yet durable design and frosted grey colored glass. This vase is perfect for either functional or decorative use and is available for a bargain of $64.96.

The Twisted Vase in Grey

Check out the  Alexandria Modern Vase in Short for ample texture and a pop of color. A terracotta construction with a grey base and blue hues highlighting the ribbed texture throughout the body of the vase. This inexpensive piece rings in at a low price of $58.24.

Alexandria Modern Vase Short

The Alexandria Modern Vase Short

Texture is an understatement for the  Spikes Ball in a set of two. These metallic gold spiky spheres are the perfect accent for any room featuring modern decor. The Spikes are multifunctional in a design and can be used as bookends in a bookcase or placed on display on a living room coffee table. The set can be purchased for $82.88.

Spikes Ball Gold Set of Two

The Spikes Ball

Play up the geometric interest of the  Triangle Modern Overlay Sculpture with the texture of a faux stone finish. This piece works well in a room featuring contemporary design and natural light to bounce off of the elegantly assembled angles. Get this look for an inexpensive $47.04

The Matrix Living Room - Triangle Overlay Sculpture

Pictured far left, the Triangle Overlay Sculpture

Lastly, we can’t talk about texture if we don’t mention how dynamic a fur piece can be in a design. The soft  Goat Fur Bolster in Light Grey is a wonderful choice to throw onto a piece with strong lines like a couch or chair. A beautiful pillow also adds a welcome bit of coziness to your space. Enjoy the Goat Fur Bolster for only $64.96.

Goat Fur Bolster Light Grey

The Goat Fur Bolster in Light Grey

The smallest details continue to be the things that pull a room’s design together. These small investments can end up making an immense impact on the overall vision and cozy feel of each room in your home. Which piece of affordable home decor under $100 caught your eye?